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  • What is Soap?
    Soap is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when an alkali (lye) and a fat or oil (base) combine together. This reaction is called saponification.
  • What is Lye?
    Lye is the chemical sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It is highly corrosive and will burn your skin on contact. It is often found in industrial grade cleaning agents. In the process of making our soaps, the lye reacts with the fatty acids in the vegetable oils to form a soap molecule. At the end of the 30-day saponification process, the lye would have completely reacted, so do not worry that there will be such harmful chemicals in your soap.
  • Does handmade soap expire?
    The question on whether soap expires has always been tricky. My answer is, it depends. If you store our soaps properly, they can last for centuries. Keep in mind, time does affect the intensity of soap fragrance. Tips on how to store handmade soaps: 1. Store unused soap in a covered container that is not airtight shut in a cool and dry location, such as linen closets. 2. Keep stored soap out of direct sunlight, as natural ingredient colors may fade and result in rancid soap bars. 3. For soap that is in use, use a soap dish that provides drainage so as to enable it dry before the next use.
  • Can I customize my soap?
    Definitely! You may contact us for customized soaps and we can work out a solution for you. Such customized soaps make great gifts for birthdays, festivals, corporate events and weddings.
  • How can I Order?
    You can Order through below link. You can call : +91 9677685953 or +91 8610107482. You can Mail : WhatsApp : +91 9677685953 or +91 8610107482. We deliver to your doorstep through Courier.
  • How can I Transfer Money?
    You can make Online Transfer, Gpay or WhatsApp Payment.
  • How is my order shipped?
    We ship all orders by Courier. For near by places around Pondicherry Home Delivery is available.
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